Clinical Negligence

Clinical Negligence

Clinical negligence, also known as medical negligence, can devastate the life of not only the victim but their family too.  When we need medical treatment we fully trust health professionals to treat us with absolute competence and care.  If they breach their duty of care and you suffer injury as a result, you have a right to claim for compensation.


The medical negligence team at Nalders Solicitors is dedicated to helping people who have suffered a personal injury, either physical and/or psychological, claim fair compensation.  Although money can never undo the damage suffered, it can help fund further treatment to correct damage, pay the bills if you are unable to work for a period and provide the funds for any adjustments you need to make to your home and lifestyle to accommodate your injury.


Examples of clinical negligence

‘Clinical negligence’ covers a wide range of personal injuries, such as:


  • injury to baby and/or mother during pregnancy and labour
  • botched cosmetic surgery
  • misdiagnosis of or failure to spot life-changing diseases such as cancer
  • surgical errors
  • failure to fully inform you of the risks of a particular procedure


Our clinical negligence practice is one of the most sought after in the West Country.  Our solicitors have decades of experience managing clinical negligence cases. We provide solid practical advice and a sensitive and caring service.  Our clients can relax in the knowledge that their financial risk is covered due to our no win, no fee arrangements.


Why choose us?

We have been serving clients in our region and beyond for 225 years.  When it comes to managing clinical negligence cases, we provide incisive, practical advice to clients, swiftly cutting through the legalese and concentrating on what matters – your recovery and securing compensation for the suffering you have endured.


Our medical negligence team have a robust reputation for settling claims when possible, saving you the stress of attending court.  Our years of experience in clinical negligence means we have developed strong relationships with clinical experts, both in the UK and internationally, who can provide vital expert evidence when a case requires it.


You can trust us to manage your case with the utmost professionalism, diligence, and personal attention in a manner that is friendly and empathetic. We are happy to provide you with case studies and success stories to back up these claims and further prove why we are considered one of the foremost clinical negligence solicitors in the West Country and beyond.


To make an appointment with one of our clinical negligence team please fill in our contact form, or phone our St Austell office on 01726 879333.

Birth and Maternal Injuries

At Nalders Solicitors, we provide a dedicated, highly-experienced personal injury team within our full-service, partner-led law firm.  We have successfully acted for hundreds of parents across the West Country who have children injured at birth or have suffered an injury during pregnancy and/or labour.

Types of birth and maternal injuries

We have experience in acting for all types of birth and maternal injuries, including;

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Broken limbs
  • Infant hypoxia and anoxia
  • Birth asphyxia
  • Cephalohaematoma
  • Erbs Palsy
  • Third and Fourth-degree tears
  • Botched caesareans
  • Injuries or disease caused by poor post-natal care
  • Failure of midwives to spot pre-birth conditions such as pre-eclampsia and severe anaemia which goes on to cause damage to the newborn and/or mother

Our commitment to birth and maternal injury claimants

Most of our team are parents ourselves, therefore we can empathise with mothers and fathers whose dreams of having a healthy child have been taken away due to the negligence of health professionals.  We are dedicated to providing sensitive, caring, practical advice to birth and maternity injury claimants.  Our years of experience in this area of law has allowed us to build up a wealth of expert medico-legal knowledge and we have strong relationships with domestic and international medical professionals who we can call on to provide an expert opinion when required.

Why are we different?

Unlike a personal injury claims company, our personal injury team is part of our full-service law firm.  Nalders Solicitors holds a Lexcel accreditation, meaning clients can be confident that we have robust, professional policies and procedures in place and our personal injury lawyers can call on the expertise of staff in other departments should the need arise.

This level of support our lawyers have extends to you.  You and your family will be treated with the utmost respect during your dealings with us.  We see our personal injury clients, not just as claimants, but as people who have often suffered devastating loss and deserve to be compensated for their pain.

To make an appointment with one of our personal injury team to discuss claiming compensation for a birth or maternal injury, please fill in our contact form, or phone our St Austell office on 01726 879333.

Dental Negligence

We all desire a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth.  Unfortunately, dental negligence is on the rise and patients must be more careful than ever to select a dental practitioner who is fully-qualified in the services they are offering.

If you believe your dentist has performed their work negligently or is guilty of malpractice, you may have a right to make a compensation claim if their negligence has caused you pain and suffering.  Our experienced personal injury solicitors have dealt with many dental negligence cases and have witnessed first-hand the agony, both physical and emotional, caused by dentists being careless in their work.

Types of dental injury

Dental negligence claims encompass a wide variety of injuries, including:

  • damage from incorrect fillings
  • delay or misdiagnosis of a teeth or gum condition
  • incorrectly performed cosmetic procedures
  • nerve injuries
  • poor dental implants
  • oral cancer

Negligent dental work can lead to excruciating pain and suffering.  If bleaching, porcelain, veneers, crowns and bridgework is done incorrectly, patients can be left with severe physical and psychological injury.  Our personal injury team, who work as part of one of Cornwall’s largest law firms, have the resources, knowledge and experience to advise you in making a compensation claim for the damage you have suffered.

Highly respected and experienced

Our partner-led, personal injury team can engage expert witnesses to help support your claim.  Clients can be assured of our commitment to client care and meticulous policies & procedures due to our long-standing Lexcel accreditation, awarded by the Law Society of England and Wales.  We are also fully regulated by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority.

You can be confident that by instructing us you are gaining the benefit of having one of Cornwall’s leading and longest-established law firms on your side.

To make an appointment with one of our personal injury team to discuss claiming compensation for dental negligence, please fill in our contact form, or phone our St Austell office on 01726 879333.


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